Fresh Brand – More Great Products

Custom Gift Shop Mexico MO

August of 2019 we decided to freshen our brand up. Formerly Graphics Anything, we have now become Imagine That Designs. That came from a few customers asking if we could do a special project for them. We would show them examples of how we could take their vision and apply it across multiple mediums. Many times we have heard the saying, “well imagine that”. I had no idea. It just seemed to stick.

We work with many of the non profit organizations around the area providing special features for their events like awards, table settings, and signage. We love helping them solve a problem with a very special solution.

We have had people giddy with the results, and we have seen many burst into tears when we have taken a special document of a family member that has passed on, and made it live on in a plaque or glass cutting board that they can see every day.

It makes what we do enriching every day we go into the shop.